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Comex FICU





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Monterrey, MX
Guadalajara, MX
Mexico City, MX

+ date

June 2014



In June 2014, Comex exhibited a total of 35 artworks on 44 billboards nationwide for the first edition of the Festival Internacional Comex Urbano 2014 (FICU), with a selection of 24 artists from different disciplines who covered a total surface of more than 4,000 m² of pieces inspired on Mexico’s participation in the Brazil World Cup 2014.



The festival in numbers: More than 4,000 m² of art; 44 billboards (36 printed, 8 painted live); 24 artists; 4 cities; 1 festival



For the first time, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Morelia became urban art galleries with large format printed pieces and live interventions by the most representative artists of the urban art movement  in Mexico, to provide the inhabitants of the cities with an unprecedented artistic offer.

Comex FICU Arte Urbano Monterrey
Comex Arte Urbano
Comex arte urbano guadalajara
petri pirata pedro magaña panoramico
VRS Crew artists painting billboards
Dose artist handpainted billboard festival
petri pirata comex arto geometric art billboard
comex artistas campaña campaign
beo hake billboard artist campaign
netoplasma artista regio monterrey
petri pirata valla geometric street art
Guadalajara arte urbano comex
comex morelia arte urbano
morelia 2 arte urbano comex mexico